Fall 2019

What have we been doing?

Falfurrias  Forum  and  Summer   Festival

On June 2, 2019 the BHOLD project held their first Falfurrias forum and summer festival. The planning of this event was carried out by CACOST and members of the BHOLD coalition and planning committee. This event was held to bring the community together t hea th result o thei Communit Need Assessment. Dr. Stephen Lenz did a presentation on BHOLD and educated community members on the process of the needs assessment. The overall goal was to share information, communicate the results of the     needs     assessment,     engage     historically     excluded     and underrepresented individuals, and end with a celebration of achievemen an completion uniqu aspec o thi forum included the voices of the community being heard. Community members had an opportunity to talk in small groups and prioritize      their identified needs.Upon the conclusion of the forum, the community went outside to the summer festival and celebrated the first year of our project. We look forward to year two and the great things to come!

Community   Needs   Assessment  Results

Durin ou Falfurria Foru an Summe Festival Dr Lenz presented findings on an extensive needs assessment conducted in the community. The BHOLD collaborative spent several months organizing and helping members of the  community  fill  out  the  survey via survey monkey and paper copies. During the community foru Dr. Len presente th to finding o th community. Attendees of the forum had a chance to sit down and talk about        what their top priorities were based on the results  of  the  CNS. Some of the top priorities ranked by community members include socia environmen (ex activitie i th community), mental health (ex: mental health access, suicide prevention), and health (ex: no specialist, OB/GYN).

Send your name and contact info to Erica Woodruff at 361-664-0145 or email erica.woodruff@cacost.org.

Did you know?

Brooks County will be highlighted in a Podcast through the HOGG Foundation for mental health. April Anzaldua will be interviewed about the BHOLD project and discuss the needs of the community, mental health, and Suicide.


Strategic Plan?

Strategic Plan is a way to communicate what the organizations goals are and the actions needed to achieve those goals.

Strategic  Planning?

Strategic Planning is an organizational management activity used to set priorities. It is used to define a direction and make decisions that work towards a common goal of establishing agreement around the intended outcome or results.

Upcoming Events

  • October 4, 2019 Strategic  Planning
    This is a FREE Training for our collaborative. Dr. Josue Valerio will be conducting our Strategic Planning training.
  • November ___ 2019 BHOLD Meeting
    This meeting is open to the community

Thank you

Thank you to the volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and to you, the community for participation in our BHOLD project! This includes surveys, meetings, Falfurrias Forum and Festival, and donations made that made our event and project a success. Prior to the presentation we had Mellie Burdettes Twirling Academy do a performance at the beginning.

BHOLD Mission, Vision, and Values

BHOLD Vision is that Brooks County is an educated, prosperous, strOng, healthy, and drug-free community.

The mission of behold is to support, advocate, and guide Brooks County residents to be educated, resilient, healthy, and drug-free through continued collaboration with other entities.

Values: Teamwork, Leadership, Inclusive, Accountable, Service and Success.



Erica Woodruff

Erica Woodruff

BHOLD Project Manager
April Anzaldua

April Anzaldua

BHOLD Project Director

Stephen Lenz

BHOLD Project Consultant