Summer/Fall 2020 Newsletter

What have we been doing?

What a year 2020 has been! Over the past few months we have been working on the development of the strategic plan. If you recall, the later part of 2019 and early 2020 was spent narrowing down our priority areas to include in our final strategic plan. Our last in person meeting was prior to the pandemic in February. We had originally planned a meeting in March; however, due to the impact COVID19 had on our community and our lives we decided it was best for everyone’s health and safety to halt all meetings until further notice.

After adjustment to the new normal, we began to resume meetings via zoom. At our first virtual meeting, community members voiced to continue meetings in order to not lose any momentum. With the help of Dr. Kelly Wilson, members of our BHOLD collaborative began to hold meetings to identify ways to implement identified strategies, barriers, identification of barriers, and ways to achieve a successful outcome. Through this process strategies, actions, and timelines have been identified. Each action item is listed from items that are able to be accomplished now to as long as 60 months out. Resources are also listed to assist the community with identifying partners to engage in the identified project.

An important part of making the strategic plan a success is the implementation of task forces. Each priority area will develop a small task force to help carry out the strategies. The great thing about our strategy is actions, decision makers, community engagement, timeline, and resources are all listed to help the tasks groups be successful.

Our next steps will be to finalize the strategic plan and have it available to the public via our website. We will also work towards coalition leadership and implementation of task groups.

Did you know?

Dr. Casas, Superintendent of Brooks Co. ISD, was asked to participate as a panelist in a town hall meeting hosted by Alliance for Greater Works (AGW). The topic of the town hall was “Back to School: Making Sure Our Children Aren’t Left Behind”. Dr. Casas joined five other panelists and discussed the impacts COVID19 is having on our students and how they are adjusting to learning virtually. Thank you Dr. Casas for taking the time to participate in this wonderful opportunity.

The link to the Town Hall will be added as soon as AGW provides the link.

What is…

Colleen Horton

Colleen Horton, Director of Policy
HOGG Foundation for Mental Health

Policy Advocacy?

Policy Advocacy is support of a particular policy or class of policies that may have an influence on you or your community. For example, policies for mental health promotion and prevention may be important in your community. By advocating for certain policies in your city, county, and state you may be able to get access to mental health, secure better funding for mental  health, and assist with making sure mental health is treated equally to physical health in your insurance plan.

We are planning on having Colleen Horton from the HOGG Foundation for Mental Health Policy Advocacy department come and discuss various policies that may have an impact on you and the Brooks community.

4th of July Kick off Parade

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 4th of July Kickoff Parade. BHOLD collaborative members came up with the idea of doing something fun for the community. Our goal was to let you know that despite the current pandemic, BHOLD and your community are still here for you! Help out a local business or organization by supporting local businesses.

Special thanks to:
Brooks Co. ISD

Brooks Co. ISD Transportation

Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas (Marcella Huerta)

BHOLD Collaboration

Community Action Behavioral Health Services

Community Action Teen Outreach Program

Community Action Census 2020 Get Out the Count

Census 2020

L & M Kraft House LLC

Kona Ice of Corpus Christi




The HOGG Foundation for Mental Health and AGW hosted a virtual All Grantee Meeting on September 16, 2020. All five grantees were in attendance and had a full day of interaction with the other grantees. The link for the All Grantee Meeting will be posted soon! Stay Tuned! In addition, all of the counties received some exciting news regarding funding. We are excited to share this with you at our next meeting!

Upcoming Events

October 7, 2020 BHOLD Collaborative Meeting

BHOLD Mission, Vision, and Values

BHOLD Vision is that Brooks County is an educated, prosperous, strOng, healthy, and drug-free community.

The mission of behold is to support, advocate, and guide Brooks County residents to be educated, resilient, healthy, and drug-free through continued collaboration with other entities.

Values: Teamwork, Leadership, Inclusive, Accountable, Service and Success.



Erica Woodruff

Erica Woodruff

BHOLD Project Manager
April Anzaldua

April Anzaldua

BHOLD Project Director

Stephen Lenz

BHOLD Project Consultant