Winter 2020


Strategic  Planning  Update:

Our BHOLD collaborative has been busy over the past few months. Since November 2019 the BHOLD collaborative has been working through a strategic plan. Dr. Kelly Wilson, from Texas A&M University College Station, has been assisting the BHOLD collaborative in the development of our strategic plan.

At our first meeting, Dr. Wilson assisted our collaborative with identification of outcomes that may be nearto reach and goals that may be further out and will require some guidance”. Outcomes of this activity included prioritizing items identified in our community needs assessment. The top priorities ranked by community members included social environment (ex: activities in the community), mental health (ex: mental health access, suicide prevention), and health (ex: no specialist, OB/GYN).

At our December meeting, the collaborative created a matrix based on the results of the nearand guidedoutcomes. The matrix activity assisted with sparking new ideas from everyone in attendance.  These activities will help the community achieve their near and guiding star goals.

We welcomed the 2020 year by hosting two meetings to keep up the strategic plan momentum. Our first meeting of 2020 continued to build off of our creative matrix. Based on the ideas given from the creative matrix, our community members used a bullseye approach to assist with narrowing and prioritizing the most important needs.

The results from the bullseye activity assisted us with continuing to zone in further in on the top needs. This activity also helped narrow in on surrounding factors to get the project moving. For example, the graph developed with the outcomes from the bullseye brought to our attention what items can be done in a short amount of time, what items need more time, and what items will yield the highest return on investment. The results were entered into our plan.

At our next meeting we will revisit our plan and work towards coalition leadership and sustainability of the strategic plan.

Did you know?

Ricky Longoria, former graduate of Falfurrias High School, was highlighted in a Podcast through the HOGG Foundation for Mental Health. The Podcast, Into the Fold, highlights various issues surrounding health and communities. Ricky shared some of his insight on how to create youth leadership in Brooks County. Way to go Ricky! Thank you for being a positive representative in your community!

Colleen Horton

Colleen Horton, Director of Policy
HOGG Foundation for Mental Health

Policy Advocacy?

Policy Advocacy is support of a particular policy or class of policies that may have an influence on you or your community. For example, policies for mental health promotion and prevention may be important in your community. By advocating for certain policies in your city, county, and state you may be able to get access to mental health, secure better funding for mental health, and assist with making sure mental health is treated equally to physical health in your insurance plan.

We are planning on having Colleen Horton from the HOGG Foundation for Mental Health Policy Advocacy department come and discuss various policies that may have an impact on you and the Brooks community.

Upcoming Events

  • March 25 – BHOLD Collaborative Meeting (Postponed)
  • April 20-22 – All Grantee Meeting in Dallas (Postponed)
  • April  29    BHOLD  Collaborative Meeting
  • May  13    BHOLD  Collaborative Meeting

BHOLD Mission, Vision, and Values

BHOLD Vision is that Brooks County is an educated, prosperous, strOng, healthy, and drug-free community.

The mission of behold is to support, advocate, and guide Brooks County residents to be educated, resilient, healthy, and drug-free through continued collaboration with other entities.

Values: Teamwork, Leadership, Inclusive, Accountable, Service and Success.


Erica Woodruff

Erica Woodruff

BHOLD Project Manager
April Anzaldua

April Anzaldua

BHOLD Project Director

Stephen Lenz

BHOLD Project Consultant